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At H2 you will join up with entrepreneurs, innovators, and people just like you!

The best way to fast-track your business is to surround yourself with other highly motivated business builders to work, collaborate, create, and share ideas. Here at H2, we bring together the most energetic minds and bodies in one place to provide a fantastic environment to help build fast-growing businesses.

By joining our community of members, partners, and collaborators you will be inspired, connected, and enabled to develop your best work every step of the way. We offer two types of Memberships, all depending on your needs and wants – so what are you waiting for?

What our members say

Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen, CEO at FindOut Diagnostic

"H2 was a great place for FindOut Diagnostic to grow & develop. I'm really grateful for the enthusiasm, and friendly atmosphere and the accumulated network and expertise among the companies and partners at H2 is amazing"

Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen, CEO at FindOut Diagnostic
Josef Murad, CEO Byon8
”It’s like you’re a small start up that all of a sudden, starts to get attention from so many different, potential partners, and I think that’s one of the biggest advantage of being at H2, to be getting that sort of big company feel even though you are a startup company.”
Josef Murad, CEO Byon8
Kajsa Berggren, Marketing Coordinator at Still Active

"Pricken över i:et är självklart tisdagsfrukosten, när jag väl har möjlighet att komma in gör det att man ser fram emot mitten av veckan lite mer! Alltid ett trevligt bemötande av alla på kontoret oavsett om morgonkaffet är drucket eller inte."

Kajsa Berggren, Marketing Coordinator at Still Active
Moa Felicia Linder, CEO & Co-founder at Endometrix
What is the best thing about H2 for you?...  "I would say it's the H2 community. You can go and ask anyone for help or if you just have a question and we all help each other and that's just amazing."
Moa Felicia Linder, CEO & Co-founder at Endometrix
Nicholas Roman, CEO Challengize
”... one thing we find that's really impacted us is that being here has made it much easier to attract personnel because everybody who comes here finds it's a really cool and agile place. People love being here. So it's much easier to recruit!”
Nicholas Roman, CEO Challengize
Shampa Bari, Regional Director South Asia & France , Swecare Foundation
“H2 is so much more than a co-working space – it has played a crucial role in plugging me into Stockholm’s health care ecosystem. And I keep coming back because if you want to have deep, cross-sectoral discussions with medical practitioners, engineers, techies, lawyers, policy-makers, H2 is the place to be.”
Shampa Bari, Regional Director South Asia & France , Swecare Foundation
Our membership

Community membership

As a member, you can tap into the health tech community and interact with other entrepreneurs, experts and fast growing startups. Become a community member and get access to:  
  • H2 member network of health tech startups and experts
  • H2 community portal & channels
  • H2 events & workshops on business, health & tech
  • Investor network (Angels & VCs)
  • H2 community activities (social & business)
  • Preferred Service Providers (special deals)
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Premium membership gives access to…

  • H2 space
    • Furnished workspaces
    • Flexible contracts
    • Business address & mail service
    • Reception service
    • Conference service
    • High-speed internet and WiFi
    • Fully equipped meeting rooms
    • Phone booths
    • Printer, scanner, photocopier
    • Secure storage lockers
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Business Lounge
    • Free coffee, tea & refreshments
    • Weekly member breakfasts & AW
    • Signage @H2 & H2 social media

… and

  • H2 business networks
    • Investor network (Angels & VCs)
    • Global Industry partners (e.g. Bonnier, Novartis & Pfizer )
    • Preferred Service Providers (special deals)
    • H2 Alumni mentor network (serialpreneurs)
    • Accumulated expert network (business, medical & tech)
    • H2 member network


  • H2 community
    • 150+ annual events (public & exclusive)
    • Investor hot seat (vetted investor meetings)
    • H2 Community portal (connect, learn & share)
    • H2 community activities (social & business)


  • H2 ScaleUp programs (charges apply)
    • ask us about this

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