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We Keep People Breathing 

Invicta Medical is a medical technology company that specializes in innovative therapies for sleep apnea and snoring. Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea every single night. We will not rest until they sleep peacefully. Founded 2013 in Palo Alto, CA. European headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

We are Global Health Drone Consultants and Providers

GLOBHE is developing health systems by optimizing what already exists and adding the technology of UAVs (drones) to address the gaps and save lives. We provide complete implementation packages for UAVs in health supply chain systems and emergency medical response. Our mission is to improve global health security by extending healthcare logistics to the last mile.

Measurable health results. Nothing artificial. 

Snabbfoting is an innovative consulting company in cardio training, sustainable health and finance. Our aim is to be at the forefront using simple tools, solutions and educational concepts to achieve improved personal health and fitness habits.

Snabbfoting Academy is an educational platform combining education and cardio training with a simple and fresh approach to improved health, personal finances and decision making. Our method delivers proven positive effects on learning and cognitive capability.

Dynamic Posture Scanning

Qinematic scans your movement, balance and posture in 3D. The scan is fast, simple and accurate. You get instant animated feedback, and digital documentation so that your health provider can see beyond your symptoms, get to the source of any problems, and pursue optimal health.

Qinematic is a winner of the Global Idea2Product innovation prize and member of the Stockholm Uppsala Life Science Hotlist.

Better health through good medication habits

At Nerve we develop intelligent self-care tools and solutions for people who aim to take control and improve their lives even if they live with a chronic condition. Nerve aims to help empower people with realtime actionable knowledge about themselves and how they can use this knowledge to improve the quality of their daily living.

MedUniverse – the interactive patient case web service

MedUniverse is a tailor made patient case software for the life science industry. You can easily create and update interactive and visually compelling patient case studies in order to inform, educate and gain insights from your clients, typically specialist doctors and other HCPs. Your clients will in an engaging manner update their knowledge and at the same time take part of aggregated results from peers. In the long run, well-informed decisions improve patient outcomes.

Easy to use and accessible

At Haja we create easy to use technology together with people with disabilities. We focus on cognitive impairments like autism and adhd, which results in technology that works well for anyone – regardless of disability.

We are best known for ResLedaren – an app that simplifies travelling with public transportation and  Dit-i-tid – a service that reduces the number of missed meetings.

eHealth consultancy

Alfa Bravo is an eHealth consultancy company founded in 1999 by Henrik Ahlén. Henrik has 20+ years experience in developing digital health services.

Helping organisations to understand the new possibilities and develop state-of-the-art digital services that empower patients and health care professionals.

Assignments often spans from needs analysis and idea generation to service design, where I am acting as a project catalyst, advising clients and connecting relevant experts and developers.

Design and manufacturing of silicone hoses since 1986

Venair is an international business group and a technological leader in engineering and manufacturing of silicone hoses for the most demanding industries, with special emphasis on the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and aeronautical sectors. The company’s most important activities are market innovation and the ability to offer specific solutions for each customer in a short period of time. With headquarters in Barcelona, Venair operates in more than 65 countries around the world via sales delegations and manufacturing centers in Spain and Vietnam.


Connect everyone to the world’s healthiest behaviors.

HealthiHabits is a health transformer dedicated to improving the life of individuals with a chronic disease. We are an ambitious startup in digital health and committed to a bold vision: to connect everyone to the world’s healthiest behaviors. Our unique social analytics platform empowers people to achieve a sustainable lifestyle through instant and personalized support. This helps them make better decisions in their daily activities and gain control of their medical condition. Through innovative technology, we are becoming a valuable partner to key players in the health care system.

We offer a service that empowers you to make better decisions, in a shorter time about your lifestyle behaviours.

Our passion is helping people and organisations to reach their full potential. 

Hintsa Performance offers a unique combination of scientific expertise in human performance and user-friendly digital solutions. Our evidence-based, proactive human performance solutions help people achieve long-lasting change.

Our services are trusted by professional athletes like F1 world champions, top corporate executives and hundreds of organizations around the world, ranging from small local companies to large multinational corporations.

LifecareX- Plattforms and services for digital care. 

By defining the standard of Integrated Healthcare, LifecareX will create true value for patients and societies as well as healthcare providers and professionals around the world. We are driven by the challenge to realizing this vision, following our core principles: Personalized – Human – Patient Driven – Proactive – Secure

Live your life. For patients and dependants. By patients and dependants.
With support from professional people who want the best for you.

At Lyfepond you can connect with others in your situation, as well as get professional advice and read the latest news about your diagnose from the most innovative and supportive people and companies that are. You will also get unique offers on products and services that can help you get a better life. All your health data is protected by the highest standards, and is always available to you.

Welcome to Neohealth.

Project S is a digital physician that is being developed by BYON8 Corporation in Sweden. It is a type of medical diagnostic software that tries to improve health care through digital solutions built upon neo health technology. Project S can turn, only by the help of the patient, information into diagnosis. Our software is built from scratch using advanced mathematical algorithms combined with a unique A.I (artificial intelligence). You will be able to use it on any device, anywhere at anytime. It will keep track of your health, lab values, health care visits and become your very own personal physician!

Bringing Quality Solutions to Health Care.

Medical Research Data Management (MRDM) is a data processor. MRDM has official processor relations with all Dutch hospitals and a growing number of private clinics and first-line care, which allows them to collect and process medical (patient-identifying) data as if they were part of the institution itself. MRDM collects, anonymizes, aggregates and encrypts all data before it is sent to clients, such as DICA. MRDM only sends data to third parties, for instance for benchmarking or transparency purposes, if the institutions specifically allow that. Furthermore, MRDM builds, hosts and maintains the ICT infrastructure and service desk for a.o. DICA.

MRDM is NEN7510 and ISO270001 certified and complies to the strictest privacy regulations in The Netherlands.

Bring quality health care to all people.

Telemedicine Clinic is a sub-specialist radiology centre that provides day and night reporting services and support to more than 100 public service hospitals and local health authorities in Europe.

We have 160+ accredited sub-specialist radiologists who focus on specific diagnostic areas that include Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal, PET-CT, Mammography Screening and Nuclear Medicine. Our structured focus gives us the added edge to guarantee delivery of high quality readings in a timely manner.

TMC is a proud co-founder of the Spanish Conscious Capitalism Chapter and part of the global Conscious Capitalism movement. Our goal is to make our company as human— as creative, inventive, caring, purpose driven —as the wonderful human beings who work inside it.

Products and services for all – regardless of ability 

Begripsam AB wants to contribute to more universally designed products and services to meet all users regardless of ability. We develop and apply methods so that everyone can participate and influence how products and services should be designed, with a special focus on people with mental and cognitive disabilities.
We work with methods based on action research, inclusive and participatory design in both digital and built environment. In our group you can find a mix of researchers, experts and extreme users, with deep knowledge and experience of impairments, accessibility and universal design.

A full scale concept based on physiological health screenings.

Wellness-screening reach out to the wellness market that works to integrate methods for screening and health monitoring.  The screening tools are not merely diagnostic tools but rather a tool that gives an easily understandable comprehension and overview of a person’s physiological functioning, health and symptoms.

The physiological screening tool uses a state-of-the-art screening technology which in about three minutes generates nearly a hundred various physiological parameters. All this information is structured and explained in an easy way and very easy to do a follow up.

Redefining health digitally

We believe in the mission to redefine the healthcare industry and improve processes to ensure faster and more qualitative care for patients, to utilize resources more efficient AND improve patient experience. 

Gnosco offers a service for improvement of internal communication, documentation and education within health care and hospitals. The first product is Dermicus, a Teledermatoscopy Service developed for General Practitioners and Specialists in Dermatology.

Protect your baby’s stem cells

StemCare/Vita 34  is the Nordic Region’s largest private stem cell bank, which safeguards the stem cells from the newborn’s umbilical cord blood and tissue for use against possible future illnesses. The company specializes in the collection, transportation, laboratory processing and storage of stem cells, and is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. As at 2017, StemCare/Vita 34 stores approx. 145 000 umbilical cord stem cell samples.

StemCare/Vita 34 has its own innovation division of research and development, which contributes essentially to innovations being lived and realized in the company.

Vita 34 won Innovation Award TOP 100 2016, TOP 100 recognizes the most innovative small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.

More info to come shortly