H2 Health Hub is a co-working space & meeting place for the health tech community in Stockholm. Here digital health startups fast-track their business by surrounding themselves with other highly motivated business builders to work, connect, collaborate, create, and share ideas.

At H2 Health Hub we bring together the most energetic minds and bodies in one place to provide a fantastic environment to build fast-growing businesses.

Meet the team

<h2>Paul Beatus</h2>

Paul Beatus

CEO & Co-founder

+ 46 (0) 76 256 99 53
<h2>Ola Cornelius</h2>

Ola Cornelius

Creative Director & Co-founder

+46 (0) 70 364 58 20
<h2>Johanna Cederroth</h2>

Johanna Cederroth

Communications & Community Manager

+46 (0) 73 941 63 88