Membership at H2 Heath Hub are available in different forms and you choose the membership that suits you best

At H2 you will join up with entrepreneurs, innovators and people just like you

The best way to fast-track your business is to surround yourself with other highly motivated business builders to work, collaborate, create, and share ideas. Here at H2 we bring together the most energetic minds and bodies in one place to provide a fantastic environment to help build fast-growing businesses.

By joining our community of members, partners and collaborators you will be inspired, connected, and enabled to develop your best work every step of the way. We offer three types of Memberships, all depending on your needs and wants – so what are you waiting for?


  • You want a guaranteed place to sit everyday, and thrive off the energy around you. You’ll set up shop in the same spot each day.


  • You don’t need an office everyday – bring your laptop, pick an open seat at the Flextable, and get to work.


  • You want to work in an open and creative common area during business hours. Just bring your laptop and get to work.


 Type of Membership: FULL  FLEX LOUNGE
Dedicated desk
Option of secure storage
24/7 access
Ability to reserve meeting rooms
Display products & services in showroom
Use of community space
High speed internet
Benefits and discounts
Free coffee
Weekly events